Where students with learning differences are empowered  in their  very own LEARNING LAB!

Where students build a solid foundation in grammar and expand their writing skills!

Where students learn how to think critically using explicit, research-based strategies!

Solutions that you need!

Congratulate yourself on taking the first step to taking your child’s education to the next level.

You are here if you have seen the signs that your child may have a learning difference.

The problem is that the journey to receive free assistance through the school system is often delayed and not supported. When it comes to learning differences in children, time is of the essence.

At Tutorvators, our mission is to empower children with learning differences with the tools to help them actualize their true learning potential.

By tools we mean explicit, multi sensory and research- based strategies such as Orton-Gillingham, kinesiology, Susan Barton, our renown Sound System and more!

The problem with receiving high quality educational therapy for children with learning differences is the cost. Well, we have a solution for that too!

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